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Why A Press Kit is the "Secret Sauce" To Your PR Mix

Ok, we know you were probably taught growing up not to brag, but we promise when it comes to your press kit, we'll make you look like royalty!

Importance of a Press Kit

What is a press kit? A press kit is a compact overview on your business and features background information, bios of pertinent people, accolades, website/social media analytics, photography and best press clips. A press kit is given to journalists to peak interest into your brand and as collateral so they have factual and up-to-date information to reference when drafting a story on you.

A good press kit will answer most questions that a journalist would have about your brand. It also helps sell your brand as relevant and shows off your accomplishments.

At BrandBomb we specialize in crafting press kits that are geared to spark interest and stand out from the rest!

Contact us today and let us create the press kit of your dreams by calling us at, 702-245-4397 or emailing

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