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Local Recognition and National Visibility




Dr. Nicole Mackie, an acclaimed prosthodontist and owner of the Dental Implant Specialty Center located in Las Vegas, sought to elevate her reputation and build brand trust through strategic public relations. She wanted to be positioned as an authority thought leader in her industry of surgical prosthodontics through earned media coverage in both local and national outlets. In a competitive medical market where many practices rely on paid advertisements for exposure, Dr. Mackie wanted to distinguish herself with authentic (non-paid) earned media endorsements that demonstrate her expertise. She also aimed to deepen her community ties by partnering with nonprofits aligned with her values, thereby enhancing her local presence and allowing her to make a meaningful impact in the community she serves. 


BrandBomb PR conceptualized timely media pitches that strategically aligned with trending topics in the local news cycle so that we could position Dr. Mackie as a valuable resource, providing medical expertise concerning these trending topic so that we could effectively bypass traditional sales departments. Our approach extended to major national media outlets, where Dr. Mackie's expertise was leveraged to support relevant stories for their audiences, ensuring her contributions were seen as valuable news rather than sponsored content.

Creativity was paramount throughout the entire campaign, enabling us to navigate an industry accustomed to paying for media visibility. By crafting compelling angles that resonated with news outlets and audiences alike, we secured coverage that authentically highlighted Dr. Mackie's expertise.

We also identified
local nonprofits that aligned with Dr. Mackie's values so that we could help her forge partnerships that would host impactful events, charity drives, and donations. This not only raised funds and awareness for the nonprofits but also garnered additional media coverage, spotlighting Dr. Mackie's philanthropic efforts alongside the causes she supported.

Our strategy boosted Dr. Mackie’s
organic SEO through authentic media coverage and valuable backlinks that supported her existing paid digital marketing efforts.


Over the course of a year-long PR campaign, Dr. Mackie was featured in seven local Las Vegas broadcast segments across major networks including CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW. These appearances were secured by strategically positioning Dr. Mackie as an expert within the news cycle, addressing trending topics of community interest. By discussing subjects such as dental safety in athletics correlating with the Vegas Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup victory, at-home dental care tips for National Smile Day, and advice on preventing teeth grinding due to pandemic stress, Dr. Mackie effectively bypassed the need for paid media placements. Each segment included a call to action, encouraging viewers to consult Dr. Mackie for their prosthodontic needs. Additionally, BrandBomb PR secured 96 national web stories that leveraged her expertise, significantly boosting her online presence and SEO through backlinks.

BrandBomb PR facilitated Dr. Mackie's engagement with the local community by partnering with four local non-profits, including the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. One notable initiative was a toothbrush drive, where Dr. Mackie’s office collectively raised 1,013 toothbrushes and 214 tubes of toothpaste for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission's disadvantaged residents. In support of this effort, Dr. Mackie offered discounts on Zoom Whitening to anyone donating a new toothbrush. The campaign garnered substantial media attention, raising awareness for both the toothbrush drive and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.


Through these strategic initiatives, BrandBomb PR effectively integrated Dr. Mackie into the community while enhancing her professional visibility on both local and national levels resulting in a press value of $11.7 million.

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$11.7 million IN PRESS COVERAGE

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