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Growing your fitness studio or gym through pr

Whether you’re a fresh personal trainer entering the fitness industry for the first time or you’ve owned your own brick-and-mortar fitness center or gym for quite some time, odds are: you need a solid PR strategy to make a splash. Growing your business in an industry as competitive as the health and fitness sphere requires a unique mix of public relations, marketing, social media, networking and more.


Without a strong media team and a proper business plan, many Las Vegas personal trainers and gym owners struggle to grow their business, secure new clients and get gains (in website traffic, that is!). While your fitness products may be the, chances are, without effective public relations, no one will know how amazing your products or services are if the public isn’t aware they’re available. Want to put your strengths to the test and elevate your PR game? With time, the following fitness brand public relations strategies can max out your business and position you for growth.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to help maintain positive relationships with the public. By establishing yourself and your brand online, you’re able to tap into a number of opportunities, communities and environments that may be impossible to reach in person. Additionally, your audience may be working out online more than they are in the gym. In fact, according to Bloomberg, an estimated 80% of fitness consumers live-streamed workouts compared with 7% in 2019 due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Your audience is online and ready to connect virtually – fitness entrepreneurs must ensure their products, services and personality are available online.

When your social media efforts align with the efforts of a robust public relations team, your audience is able to connect with you from all angles. It’s important to build your social media presence in tandem with your publicist for maximum effectiveness.

Know your audience

If you’re looking to grow your business and attract clients for your new fitness clothing line in Las Vegas, they may not respond well to heavy athletic jackets made out of winter cotton. If you’d like to target clients in the spiritual yoga space, they probably aren’t frequenting the professional boxing ring. It’s crucial to define your audience and source only the most relevant communities so that you can market your brand to those prospective customers specifically.

Prioritize Health over Beauty

The recent pandemic proved that good health should be prioritized above all else. As you focus on your fitness brand and cultivate your relationships with your audience, keep in mind how they see health, beauty and fitness overall. While some may see beauty as the most important piece of overall well-being, good health is what keeps us alive. When people are working out, health is what motivates people in the long run. A flat tummy and killer abs will entice people to join your fitness club or purchase your exercise band but statistics on optimal wellness and muscle retention will get them to trust your judgment and believe in the science you’re wanting them to buy.

Remember: health is beautiful.

Becoming a successful fitness expert requires you to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there, which is often the hardest part. It takes time, constant effort and precise strategy and planning. The good news? We can help! If you’d like to hear how we can ignite your brand, book your complimentary consultation here.

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