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How to Use Celebrity Marketing In Your PR Strategy

How to use celebrities to elevate your brand

How to Effectively Use Celebrities in Your Brand's PR Strategy

The first step of using a celebrity to effectively flatter your brand or businesses' PR strategy is to identify who your target customer is. Once you can pinpoint who you are going after, the next step would be to have your publicist identify what celebrities have a similar audience. From my experience, utilizing a celebrity has three big benefits -

  1. Direct Exposure to Your Target Audience

  2. Press

  3. Testimony that Boosts Credibility

When booking a celebrity for a social media post that promotes your brand, you are putting your business directly in front of their followers, which if you chose your celebrity talent thoughtfully, will be the same audience as yours. Besides gaining exposure from the initial post, you can save their post as a testimony and feature it on your website. People are always so intrigued with celebrities and associate them with having the best, so even just one strong celebrity and add a level of trust in the initial stages of introducing your brand to the world.

At BrandBomb, we have booked, managed and worked with countless celebrities and encourage our clients, when the budget permits, to book specific talent for two hour hosting gigs at their event. We are experienced with celebrity contract negotiations and have a proven track record of making deals happen at rock bottom fees.

Besides drawing a crowd, booking the right celebrity can earn you tons of press headlines to keep your name in stories associated with the celebrity. For example, let's say you are hosting a grand opening event, we would provide your team with a list of celebrities who are on brand for you, who are trending in the media, and we would reach out and negotiate a rock-bottom fee to get them to attend your event. We would require the celebrity to be available for a handful of pre-interviews to start generating the buzz on your upcoming party. Prior to the event, our talented team of publicists distribute a media alert to all local photography agencies, to get photographers credentialed at your event, eager to capture your celebrity in action with your brand.

Following the event, our team is hard at work drafting a post celebrity recap, with details and photos from your event, that we distribute to hundreds of prominent media contacts. Then, the magic happens and you can enjoy the benefits of seeing your brand and event gracing the headlines of big outlets such as E!, TMZ, The Blast, New York Post, Yahoo, US Weekly, People and more.

For more information on our event and celebrity booking services, call us at 702-245-4397 or email us at,

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